Cold War Night Life Deluxe Reissue

Universal Music have released a remastered 2LP gatefold set in translucent clear vinyl and a CD version as well. Order online from, or in Europe from, and



Future Past Tense Bonus Tracks

The bonus tracks from the new CD release of our Future Past Tense EP can be downloaded separately from Bandcamp. You can preview the tracks there too. Click the image to go there.

Future Past Tense CD 

The CD version is out now! The original 6-song EP plus 8 bonus tracks. Click the image to order.. 

Track listing : 
1. This Side of the Border 
2. Western Man 
3. In the Future 
4. Here it Comes Again 
5. Prison of Flesh 
6. Unveiling the Secret (The Word Made Flesh) 
7. The Face of Dorian Gray (With Johan Baeckström) 
8. Dancing to the Fall of the Berlin Wall (Techniques Berlin cover by Rational Youth) 
9. This Side of the Border (Decoded Feedback remix) 
10. Here it Comes Again (Mars TV redux) 
11. Western Man (MX Carisma remix) 
12. This Side of the Border (Diskodiktator remix) 
13. Prison of Flesh (Johan Baeckström remix) 
14. Here it Comes Again (Diskodiktator remix)